I'm so excited to get the chance to meet and get to know you, your littles, and be able to give you the experience you've been looking for in a photography session. :) *woot woot*

So, I guess we should get introduced, right? Well, my name is Chylea, and I'm the owner of Rustic Arrow Photography. There's more in my 'about me' section for you to learn about if you'd like to read up on me, but I am the one behind curating your dream session, taking those bomb images, and trying my best at making you completely happy. 

First, during your session, I don't just pose you, I mean unless you're a newborn in my studio, I get you and your family playing, moving, and having fun with one another. If I'm taking images of just your children, I'll find little games for them to play and get their mind off the camera that's pointing directly at them... I mean, that's awkward enough, right?

Sooooo awkward in front of the camera? I totally get it. For real... there's a reason I'm behind it right? haha. Anyways... I'll be making you feel as comfortable as possible. Like I said before, I get everyone to play games and have natural reactions to those images. Think I'm wrong? Imagine a tickle fight in the middle of your session and the joy being on everyone's face? having that amazing interaction between everyone? Love playing ring around the rosy? I got you. 

Don't know what to wear? I have a client closet of dresses for expectant mothers, and a few to choose from for momma's who aren't expecting as well. Dads & kids? Well, I don't have you quite as much in that department, however, us mommas are always dressing our families better than us most of the time, right? If you'd prefer, I do have color guides available for what will look best during your session to achieve the look you're after. 

Curious about what to bring and do before your session for your newborn? You don't have to worry about a thing. I have a custom questionnaire that asks you all the questions I need to know before your newborn session in the studio. I have absolutely everything for your little one and your session. Again, customizing that perfect session for you. Are you curious about what to do before your session? I've got you there as well, with a guide on how to prep for your newborn session. 

So, if you're a dork like me, a lover of Starbucks/caffeine and good vibes, feel free to contact me and I'd love to chat with you about your dream session. 

-Rustic Arrow Photography

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