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My name is Chylea and I'm the premier maternity, newborn, and children's photographer in Northwest Arkansas.


I provide my clients an experience, not just a photography session. Imagine not having to take care of anything for your session, sounds amazing right? I do just that. I provide everything from the outfits, props, cake, locations, and ordering & designing your artwork that will be displayed in your home. All I want you to have to worry about is coming to your session.

I love simplistic setups for you and your family that focus directly on your babies so that there aren’t any distractions in the background with props.

When I’m outdoors, and sometimes in the studio, I do love lifestyle-based images where I get you and your babies moving and interacting with one another. I mean, don’t you want to remember the fun times of your photography session and not the ‘ok, now let's say cheeeeeese’ portion? haha.


I’m such an awkward but outgoing person, and it definitely shows in the studio, however, I will NEVER make you feel awkward while with me. Most clients have told me that when I photograph them, it’s like having a friend there with them, being silly, and allowing them to be their true selves around me. I mean, who likes to be stuffy and cold around people? Am I right?


I would love to get the chance to love your babies as if they were my own and watch them grow in the years coming, as well as giving you images you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to use the ‘Contact & Directions’ page to ask me anything that comes to mind.



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