Childrens Closet

I am happy to provide my clients with a full-service photography experience by providing little outfits specifically for your child's photography session with me. 

My goal is to have my clients not stressed in the least bit about their children's photography session and to only need to show up with a clean child - face, hands, feet, arms, and legs - who is ready to be dressed in the options below. I, again, provide the outfit, the bow...everything for you to cause you as little stress as possible. 

Below are the options available to you for your sessions - however, if there is not really an outfit you'd love to have your child wear, that's perfectly fine. I would be happy to have a meeting with you to find that perfect outfit for your child's session with me, that I will purchase for you and keep in my children's closet for future uses. If you are looking for a custom outfit specific to a theme or occasion for your child, I do not provide the outfits for this.

3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

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