Newborn Prep

Having a newborn is hard. Like, really hard. Don't let your newborn session being hard too. Your newborn's first images should be seamless and should be super easy. I come in to help you out with that. 

I provide all the backdrops, all the props, and everything in between that you'll need for your newborn session. The only thing you'll need to bring is yourself...kinda. ;)

Here are some words of wisdom to help you prep for your newborn's session.


This is a time to enjoy and just relax while I handle your newborn and capture those sweet images. 

You're free to stand by me and watch, however, I do request that you don't grab for your baby anytime that they cry. I need to have the chance to settle them and get them into the poses that you love. If I cannot settle them and feel like they need some food, then I will hand them off to you if breastfeeding. If they are bottle-fed, I will keep them with me, so they will get even more acquainted with me. 

What to do before you arrive

Stimulate your baby before you come to the studio. I recommend keeping them awake for a couple of hours prior to arriving, as well as keeping them awake in the car ride over. I also suggest a bath right before you come. This will stimulate them just enough to keep them in a deep sleep for their session. With them being in a deep sleep, this allows me to put them in the cute curly poses with ease. - HOWEVER I respect you and your baby, so if you feel like this won't help them fall asleep, that's fine. Just do what you can to help keep them calm. :) 

Please arrive up to 15 minutes early for your session. This will allow us time to get comfortable in the studio and prep for a great session.

Try not to feed your baby right before coming to the session as well. This is explained!

What to expect in the studio

When you arrive at the studio, I will immediately feed your newborn (if they are bottle-fed) burp them, then begin posing. If your newborn is breastfed, I will step out of the studio to give you a quiet, safe space for you to feed your newborn. Once your baby is fed and settled, I will then begin the session. 

Food for you:

I do provide water for you during your stay in my studio, however, I do not provide snacks of any kind, as this can be a hazard for anyone with food allergies. I do suggest packing a snack for your session as they do typically last 1-3 hours. 


If you are bringing a sibling to the session, feel free to bring a small toy or an iPad for them to keep them occupied. I have noticed that siblings tend to do best when photographed right away. Please have your newborn's siblings ready to be photographed once your baby is fed and ready to go. Once I am done with the sibling images, then they will be free to play with the small toy you brought for them.  They are also welcome to play in my backyard or my community playground down the road (with adult supervision of course).

Feeding your baby:

If your newborn is breastfed, and you are able to pump for your session, I would recommend doing so. This will allow me to keep your newborn with me, and maximize your session time. Please keep in mind, that if you'd prefer not to, that's perfectly fine. I just want to help you maximize the session time you paid for. The time it takes for feeding does cut into the time for your session. 

Poop. It happens.

Don't worry if your baby goes to the bathroom while I'm posing them. It's completely natural and expected of them. I'll clean them up really quickly then get back to it. 

What to wear?

I would definitely wear layers. To keep your newborn as calm and comfortable as possible, I do keep the studio very warm. Like 80* warm. For your portion of the session, I would suggest wearing something nice but simple. Solid neutral colors like white, cream, or black tend to photograph best. Once we are done with family images, feel free to strip down into a tank top and shorts if that's how you will be most comfortable. I'll be over with your baby sweating up a storm ;). 

Quiet Zone:

The studio will be a quiet and calm place during your newborn's session. You will hear that I have a baby shusher on, and likely some heartbeat sounds or white noise to help keep your newborn calm and try to make them feel as safe as possible. Please be sure to keep any siblings that might be with you calm and comfortable. This will help your newborn's session run as smoothly as possible. I also suggest taking a nap during this time. You definitely deserve it!

Safety for your newborn:

I do have training and experience in handling and posing newborns. I will likely ask mom or dad to help spot the baby in order to make sure your newborn is safe. Certain poses do require some help from you, so be prepared.

What to bring for the baby?

You'll definitely want to bring extra formula, a binky or two, and some snacks for you. I do allow one small sentimental item to be brought as a prop to your newborn's session. If you are going to bring a small item with you to be used during the session, please let me know ahead of time.


If your newborn's circumcision hasn't fully healed yet, I would bring extra gauze and ointment. With the frequent diaper changes during the session, we will be going through a lot of these. 

Umbilical Cord:

If your baby's umbilical cord is still attached, no need to worry. I will keep an eye on the cord and ensure it doesn't get snagged on the fabric. 

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